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I recently became a member of the Huddersfield Art Society. Members have the opportunity to join various groups. I joined the 'Abstract Group'. At a recent monthly meeting we explored the works of several 'modern day' abstract artists.  I intend to add my 'reflections' of various artists over the comimg months. For starters I have chosen Louise Fletcher.


She describes her work as connecting with emotion and inspired by nature. Her process is described as ‘messy’ as she works on multiple pieces at a time exploring the same theme. She is prepared to overlay her work in order to capture the emotion she is trying to capture - sometimes leaving hints of her initial inspiration.

I can very much relate to the artist as the majority of my work is very much connected with my emotions at the time I created the work.  I’ve produced a number of pieces that capture a theme such as ‘The Perfect Storm’ (Limited Edition of five A3 prints) and the ‘Follow the Dog’ series (four at the moment A3 prints).












The 'Perfect Storm' was created live during Storm Daniel which hit Skiathos and other parts of Greece in September 2023. Go to my Skiathos Collection and watch the video as time ticks towards the night of the storm. The 'Follow the Dog' series was inspired by the works of David Hockney and was created intiallly as a multi-piece project. My work is created digitally and on more than one occasion it started on a theme which during the course of the process finished on a completely different level - for example ‘Urban Life’. This started as a pure geometric piece and finished as depicting knife crime in todays’ society. ​​​​​​​The intial work was multi-layered until it was almost complety hidden from view. 


Angela Johal creates geometric paintings as she listens to music. She plans the shape of things to come beforehand but leaves the colour pallet to be influenced by the music she listens to.

I have created a number of geometric paintings. Most of my work is influenced by 'shapes'. I need to see a 'shape'.  The one that I have chosen to illustrate the geometric style of painting is called 'Snakes and Ladders'. No pre-planning took place as most of my current collection of work is created spontaneously, not to music but in a deeply concentrated mind-set locked away from my surroundings. You might call it painting while meditating. I am almost fanatical about muisc and have set a number of pieces to music. I also write poetry under the name of 'Satirical World'. Click the following link and it will take you to Amazon 

Go to the following link for an example of combining art with poetry.

Click on this link and it will take you to one of many of my VIDI-POEMS For more of my VIDI-POEMS go to YouTube and search for INDULIS SVIKIS

I am currently working on my follow-up entitled 'Destination Satirical World. Hoping to have this ready for sale through Amazon by November 2023.

Here is an example of my work that reflect the work of Angela Johal. It's called 'Snakes and Ladders' Click the image and it will take you to my shopping page where you can view, browse and buy if you wish.

COLLAGE in the style of PICASSO

I'm currently researching the art of collage. I've chosen Picasso as a benchmark.

Here's what I'm working on at the moment. This is only a preliminary stab at the planning stage. It will be completely different when I decide the shape of things to come, photographs and works I've created, the materials I wish to use.

I am also working on number 5 in the series of 'Follow the Dog'. I am gradually creating the abstract under the title of 'Painting by Numbers'. This takes me back to my early childhood when someone bought me a 'Painting by Numbers' picture - I don't think I actually finished it.


My earliest recollections of being interested in art was at the age of 12 when I was supposed to have won the art prize at school. But because I'd swept the board by winning prizes for this that and everything else, the school decided to share the bounty. Very disappointing, as I had little interest in the other subjects that I had apparently excelled at. I never did win the art prize in later years, which has always bugged me. As the years swept by, I had little time to develop my love for art, although I did throw myself into other creative pastimes including making wooden toys, music - violin, viola and drums (band). 


So at the other end of life's spectrum, I am now fully engaged in all things creative - poetry, writing, video, music and art being my core interests. This website will give you a taste of these creative disciplines. Hope you like what you see, read and hear. If you do, please share, like or just continue browsing. Thank you.  

Here I am at the Huddersfield Art Society Abstract Group September meeting. All my work todate has been created with digital devices. CLICK the images below to take you to BOOK 1 of my collection. BOOK 2 will be out soon.

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