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Art for art's sake ( l'art pour l’art) is a phrase that expresses the philosophy that 'true' art is utterly independent of any and all social values and utilitarian function, be that didactic, moral, or political.


On questions of why we create and value art, Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) one of the most influential philosophers in the history of Western philosophy   argues:  judgement should not be made based on how well work serves external purposes, such as moral or political commentary. Instead, value is intrinsically defined by the aesthetic impression. This, of course, is just one way of looking at art.


For me, art and literary art are the mediums of expressing my thoughts and feelings. In the first instance to capture a moment in time and then to share that moment to anyone who wishes to look and see beyond the veneer of the impression or the puzzle of the poetry, prose or story.  


Of course, you may see ‘art’ from a completely different perspective. Art from my perspective is an expression of emotions, an impression that is not always obvious of form to the unsuspecting casual observer. So the next time you are presented with art, be it visual, literary, performing or other, ask yourself these questions ….....................  


As I look, what do I see, what have I missed?


As I read, what does the wordsmith wish to leave with me?


As I watch, what emotions do the performers wish to share with me?

As I listen, what do I hear?




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